As water connects every aspect of life, finding dependable solutions for the complicated water problems is our business. PAT is involved in designing, manufacturing and supplying water purification and treatment equipment. Also, we bring experience, quality and innovation together to provide affordable water treatment chemicals. PAT’s technical support team works closely with our customers worldwide to ensure providing a satisfying after selling service.


  • Manufacturing water treatment chemicals
    • ​​ Boiler water treatment
    •  Cooling systems water treatment
    •  Desalination systems
      • ​​RO water treatment
      • Thermal Desalination water treatment
    • Swimming Pool
  • Water quality analysis
  • After sales servicing and following up

- Boiler water treatment:

Boilers and heating systems are used in many commercial, manufacturing and industrial processes. Our wide range of chemicals helps our customers to protect their investment by avoiding common boiler problems such as corrosion, deposition, and scaling. 

 Products include:

  •  Scale inhibitor for low, medium and high pressure boilers based on phosphates
  •   Corrosion inhibitor for high pressure boilers, based on :
    • DEHA (oxygen scavenger)
    • CARBOHYDRAZIDE (oxygen scavenger)
  • Corrosion inhibitor for medium and low pressure boilers , based on :​
    • Sulfite (oxygen scavenger)
  • Alkaline builder
  • Neutralizing amine
  • Acid cleaner
  • Alkaline cleaner

Online monitoring

The automated monitoring and dosing systems offers a new level of florescent tracing technology for cooling towers and boiler applications. It helps water treatment service providers control performance even in very tough industrial conditions.

Corrosion and fouling monitoring of water system

Corrosion monitoring is an integral part of any treatment program. It is used to determine treatment effectiveness and to establish the optimum level of chemical treatment that is most cost effective.

PAT Corrosion Test Coupon Racks provide a convenient means of monitoring the progress of corrosion in systems such as boilers, condensate lines, open recirculating cooling water, closed circulating hot or chilled water systems, etc. The corrosion test rack creates a side stream off the main system in which corrosion test coupons can be used to test system water under controlled and reproducible conditions 





Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR)

The Linear Polarization Resistance Technique is the only corrosion monitoring method that can be used to measure the corrosion rates in real time. Although limited to electolytically conducting liquids, the response time and data quality of this technique make it superior, where applicable, to all other forms of corrosion monitoring. 

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- Desalination systems

 It's hard for the most of us to imagine that clean water is not something that can be taken for granted, we just open the tap and here it is safe, clean and fresh water. But this won't be the case forever, in some countries, finding a reliable source of safe water is often time-consuming; in other areas they spend too much money to drink water form plastic bottles. Therefore, seawater was turned into drinking water using Reverse osmosis and thermal desalination technologies. As those technologies are already expensive enough, PAT has the most effective chemicals in order not to add more burdens by having scaling or microbiological problems that could damage or shut your system off.

A-      Reverse Osmosis system chemicals:

B-      Thermal Desalination system chemicals:

  • Scale inhibitor
  • Acid cleaner based on sulfamic acid
  • Pre commission products

- Cooling systems water treatment

A-      Open Cooling systems:
Cooling tower is a very popular method to dissipate heat, as they are considered one of the most cost effective cooling technologies for commercial air conditioning and industrial processes. PAT makes your equipment even more worthy by providing trustworthy water treatment chemicals.

  • Scale and Corrosion inhibitors based on:
    • ​​Zinc
    • Organic-phosphorus
  • Dispersants
  • Oxidizing Biocides based on:
    • Chlorine 
    • Bromine and Chlorine
    • Peracetic acid
  • Non-oxidizing Biocides based on:
    • Isothiazoline
    • Poly quaternary ammonium salt 
    • Aldehyde

B-      Closed Cooling systems:

In closed recalculating systems, heat is transferred to the cooling water from the hot process, and then it is transferred out of the cooling water by conduction in another piece of heat transfer equipment. No water is evaporated or concentrated. Corrosion, Scale, Fouling and Microbial growth are the four major problems in all types of recalculating water systems. PAT closed cooling systems chemicals include:

  •  Corrosion inhibitor based on:
    •  Nitrite (preservation)
    • Molybdate
    • Tannin
  • Corrosion inhibitor and antifreeze based on nitrite and glycol
  • Non oxidizing biocide based on isothiazoline
  • Acid cleaner
  • Alkaline cleanerType your paragraph here.

- Swimming Pools

Our full range of products keeps water clear and equipment functioning smoothly all season long. Our services can be extended for the treatment of any hotels and resorts equipment within the field of our concern like hot water boilers, steam water boilers, chillers, etc.

 Swimming pools products:

  • Calcium hypochlorite 65%, Disinfectant (different origins)
  • Tri chloro iso cyanuric acid 90%, Disinfectant (different types)
  • Algaecide
  • Flocculent
  • PH (-)
  • PH (+)