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  • Container designed for overseas operation
  • High Pressure RO Feed Pump
  • Energy Recovery Device
  • VFD
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation and Control  PLC
  • Spiral wound thin film composite membrane
  • RFP pressure vessel
  • Powder coated Steel Frame
  • 5 Micron cartridge pre-filter
  • Product and reject flow meters


Each containerized reverse osmosis plant is engineered with high quality components to handle all types of water. Pacific Aqua Technologies CSWRO are made per order to ensure that each system will met your water treatment requirement Pacific Aqua Technologies CSWRO supplies a full line of standard and fully customized water treatment systems, all of which are engineered using advanced 3D modeling and computer modeling.

Standard Components

Containerized Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant

Why containerization?
Containerized plants have many advantages over built-in plant room installations:

Plug and play unit
Quick installation
Limited civil work (only container foundation)
Small foot print
Easy transportation
Mobile: useful for construction sites
Turnkey delivery: piping, cables, air conditioning

Pacific Aqua Technologies CSWRO is a complete water maker system converts brackish, seawater or contaminated water to drinking water, industrial process water or Agricultural water.  Standard containers can be transported by rail, road or sea. Ready to be deployed whenever, permeant, temporary or emergency potable water is required.

Max Feed water temperature
 42 deg  C
Feed water TDS
 Up to 45,000 ppm
pH Tolerance 3-11

World Headquarter Office

26391 Crown Valley Park Way.

Suite 110. Mission Viejo. CA 92691


Pacific Aqua Technologies containerized reverse osmosis systems are self-contained, turnkey water plants that can function on the go or as a permeant water treatment plant. PAT designs and manufactures containerized water desalination plant. Pre-designed, module-sized plants, fully assembled in standard 40ft containers, the complexity and the construction of a building to house a water purification plant is no longer necessary. The container just needs to be shipped out to where water is needed, and after a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery.


  • Drinking water
  • Industrial Process Water
  • Agricultural Water


PAT supplies any type of water treatment in a containerized version. From desalination plants to emergency units. PAT designs ready-to-use containerized desalination plants that can produce up to 3000 m3/day of drinking water from different sources and with varying salinities. The desalination core process is reverse osmosis where semi-permeable membranes are used.