Pacific Aqua Technologies offers a low cost solution for treating industrial wastewater as compared to chemical processing, evaporation, or hauling/disposal. Each system is designed and manufactured per customer requirements.

Pacific Aqua Technologies' waste treatment system utilizes a membrane filtration process that removes particles and molecules according to their molecular weight. The membrane systems are used to remove emulsion oil, free oil, TSS, TDS, precipitate metals, and BOD/COD from wastewater.

The MTEK machine is compact, mobile, low cost and economical to operate.

It reduces hauling and disposal costs by approximately 90 percent. The MTEK machine is easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. Simply fill the process tank with wastewater, and turn on the machine. Immediately wastewater volume is reduced and clean water is produced. In most applications, the clean water produced can be either reused or discharged.


Volume reduction as much as 95 percent

  • Low operating cost
  • Simple to operate
  • Low maintenance
  • System operation can be easily automated
  • Clean recycled water can be reused
  • Rugged and durable system

MTEK machines are easy to operate. Simply fill the process tank with waste water and start the system. Immediately, wastewater volume is reduced and clean water is produced. The clean water is either discharged or reused. This is achieved by pumping the wastewater through a particulate filter to remove coarse particles, followed by an ultrafiltration membrane. The membrane separates the wastewater into two streams: one contains concentrated waste and the other contains clean water.

MTEK systems can treat many different types of wastewater generated by various industries:

  • Latex white water
  • Dye and ink wash water
  • Printing press wash water
  • Flexographic printing wash water
  • Paint equipment wash water
  • Mop and floor cleaning water
  • Any wastewater containing emulsified oil Grinding swarf
  • Spent aqueous degreasing baths
  • Compress or condensate
  • Wood preservative wastewater
  • Vibratory finishing and deburring wastewater
  • Spent metal working coolants and lubricants
  • Gray water
  • Die casting water
  • Quench water
  • Truck automobile and rail card wash water
  • Spent rolling and drawing compound
  • Cosmetic blending and packaging rise water
  • Flume water
  • Tannery baths
  • CIP water
  • Bilge water
  • Shipyard wastewater
  • Part and pressure washer effluent
  • Fabric washing and rinse water
  • Tank cart-cleaning water
  • Food processing wastewater, and many more

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