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​Pacific Aqua technologies (PAT) offers custom engineered Nano Filtration water treatment plants.  PAT combines application engineering, innovative products and technical service to lower operating costs and promote positive customer experiences. NF membranes are ideal for applications requiring the removal of divalent ions, organics, color, bacteria and viruses.

 Nanofiltration system is a simple, single-step process that consistently reduces hardness without lime usage and the sludge production of lime softening or the regeneration of an ion exchange system that produces concentrated brine waste.   

The second category is that it is simply the only choice. An example of this is nitrate or sulfate reduction. Removal of Nitrates or sulphate is impractical   with a conventional coagulation-filtration process, but simple with NF systems. 

  • Potable water
  • Mining
  • Chemical and petrochemical
  • Boiler feed water make-up
  • Irrigation water,
  • Plant process water
  • Small community potable water demand.

Municipal Nano-Filtration   Integrated systems