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The world water consumption rate is increasing by 100 percent every twenty years. Nations and local governments are facing a challenging demand of providing fresh water for their growing population. Ocean water makes up 97 percent of world’s water supply. Desalination using reverse osmosis membrane technology has increasing become a viable option for producing fresh water.

Pacific Aqua Technologies is manufacturer and supplier of RO desalination equipment. The company features a range of scalable, low-maintenance reverse osmosis membrane filtration systems for desalinating water. Our in house design and manufacturing capabilities uniquely positions us to provide robust and reliable equipment. We offer full range of reverse osmosis desalination equipment. Pacific Aqua Technologies offers custom-engineered reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technologies including standard systems, and custom-engineered systems to produce potable water from seawater. Our applications and integrated solutions make the purification of sea water possible for customers all over the world.

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